Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Fears of the Obama Victory

Through ignorance, mistakes, and shenanigans, Obama won. We now have as our president one of the most liberal, leftist politicians ever to graduate from DNBC University ("Do Nothing but Campaign"). The one bright spot for me is that I feel justified in this very obvious illustration of how racism is not as prevalent as supposed by so many in our society.

Having said that, I fear this upcoming administration. As a practicing Catholic, as a parent, as a conservative, and as a taxpayer, I have some very real fears about what is to come. Here are a few concerns.

The economy played a major role in the election but, ironically enough, most citizens (and probably more than a few non-citizens) voted for the same party responsible for this current mess (click here for a detailed analysis). In a nutshell, the seeds were sown when Congress leaned on financial institutions to give loans to unqualified borrowers. Those chickens have now come home to roost and the financial eggheads claim the worst is yet to come. So now we’re getting the party that will push for more government regulation which, if history is any indicator, means the situation will only worsen.

The Fairness Doctrine will undoubtedly rear its ugly head again. The concept of equal time for opposing viewpoints sounds good, but the implementations have all been flawed. In the book Bias, Bernard Goldberg, a longtime television news insider and avowed liberal, makes the convincing case that not only is broadcast and print media overwhelmingly biased to the left, but most journalists don’t even realize how far left they lean when compared to the general American public. The same goes for most of those who are in a position of influence on such matters as FCC regulations. What this means is that the idea of what constitutes “fairness” and a “balanced” point of view will be skewed much farther to the left than is realistic, and talk radio will be targeted much more heavily than television or newspapers. Other than blogs, conservatives don’t have much in the way of news outlets. The Fairness Doctrine would limit even these.

We can expect more attacks on traditional Christian values. Examples include more pro-homosexual programs in our schools and, even more likely, a strong push to pass the Freedom of Choice Act. We can also expect more pushes to revoke the tax-exempt status of churches whose pastors speak out against homosexuality, abortion, sex outside of marriage, etcetera. And, in an effort to ensure our children are raised according to their values rather than conservative values, we can expect stronger restrictions on those who wish to home-school their children.

Finally (and this is a case of “Hope for the best but expect the worst”), we are already seeing leftist attacks on churches and businesses that have in any way supported California’s Proposition 8. I foresee even more attacks by liberals on conservatives for a variety of causes, some styling themselves as some sort of freedom fighters, and others simply for their own pleasure of causing harm to someone who disagrees with them.

This is a case where I hope my post is dead wrong. It would be my pleasure to have every fear listed here proven wrong, even paranoid, by upcoming history. But you know, I’m not banking on it.


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