Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It's All Right If You're Black

Pretty much everyone is aware of the recent events in Jena, Louisiana. By clicking on the title of this article, readers will see an article recounting yet another black-on-white attack in which several black assailants violently assulted a white person.

Now, don't bother talking about the racist, old-South attitudes prevalent in Jena and other pockets in the South. Being born and raised in Louisiana, I'm well aware of large amounts of racism on both sides of the main color divide.

A glaring double standard exists here and, from a racial perspective, this is a lose-lose situation (which is how I categorize any win-win situation for Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and their ilk).

Had the colors been reversed, there would have been a nationwide frenzy of protests, riots, speeches, etcetera from scores of people and organizations decrying the obviously racially motivated violence. Think back to the Rodney King debacle back in the 1990's.

Now that we have obvious cases of black-on-white violence, however, we still get these frenzies. The problem is, instead of castigating the perpetrators and denouncing racial discrimination, they're decrying the unfair treatment of the blacks involved by the police and the courts!

"Racial discrimination" is not limited to white-against-black words and actions. Black-against-white words and actions are not justifiable retribution, nor are they anything but racial discrimination. Finally, most people and organizations who position themselves as forces against racial discrimination will give half their teeth to avoid the general public from even hearing, much less believing, these concepts.

Small wonder most of them are hand-in-hand with the Democratic Party.


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