Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Typical Democratic Hypocrisy

The recent scandal surrounding Mark Foley, itself smacking of hypocrisy, has brought to light more of the double standards that we’ve come to know and love from our Democratic opportunistic blowhards. Cover-ups, faux outrage, and calls for Republicans to resign have covered the front pages of the major news outlets for the past several days.

For anyone out of the loop, former U.S. Congressman Mark Foley’s improper text-messaging with teenage boys was exposed. Shortly after, Foley resigned. Democrats began screaming that House Speaker Dennis Hastert should also resign due to allegations that he knew about Foley’s follies.

Now let’s look at Gerry Studds. Here’s a man . . . er . . . person, who had sex with underage pages. Not text messages. He had physical, actual, homosexual sex with underage teenage boys. He didn’t resign. He didn’t even apologize. He had the support of fellow Democrats (Conyers, Frank, Lantos, Miller, Obey, Rahall, Waxman, Hoyer and Schumer voted against even censuring Studds). He didn’t even get voted out of Congress, going on for another four or five terms.

There have also been shrill screams about how Republicans have covered up for Foley’s behavior and let him stay on even while knowing his predilections. Consider that these text messages were three years old. Not only were they archived instead of being deleted, but they were kept under wraps until shortly before an election. Given the well-known liberal bias in the media, it’s safe to say that even if Republicans were somehow involved in the cover up, Democrats and/or Democratic sympathizers are just as guilty. Were the Democrats truly worried about the welfare of underage pages, this news would have broken long ago, not just at a politically opportune time for the Democrats.

Ironically, this news was broken shortly after the deadline for changing the names on the Florida ballot. Joe Negron, the Republican replacing Foley as a candidate in the upcoming election, is required by law to run under Foley’s name on the ballot. Who would want to pull that particular lever?

Foley is definitely a person with problems. No one is going to argue that he did despicable things (except for maybe NAMBLA) but, once confronted, he confessed and resigned. Democrats such as Studds and Clinton confess only after the evidence was overwhelming and, even then, refuse to perform the same penance they demand of Republicans. I can only hope that Americans keep this in mind during the upcoming elections.


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