Monday, November 06, 2006

VOTE, People, VOTE!

The midterm elections are tomorrow, and I sincerely hope conservatives find their way to the polls. Many people are treating this as some sort of referendum or commentary on President Bush and the war on terror. This is a big mistake, as there are many other issues to consider.

How about taxes? When citizens have more money left over from the government, we are much more likely to spend it. When we spend our money, retailers are much more likely to add jobs due to the increased sales. Increased retail sales increase, in turn, sales at wholesalers, manufacturers, and transporters which, in turn, lead to increased job offerings at all of these types of companies. Democrats have a well-deserved reputation for increasing taxes. As a result, Democrats will halt the tremendous economic growth we’ve seen recently.

Want more double standards? Don’t vote conservative. Democrats pull as many if not more shenanigans than do Republicans, then scream about what Republicans do and demand investigations and resignations all the way up the chain of command. The mainstream media then acts as the Democratic lapdog, willingly shilling about Republicans while turning a blind eye to the other side of the aisle.

How about judges abusing their powers of office? Most of the activist judges we find have been appointed by Democrats or Democratic sympathizers. They create laws where there were none before, instead of interpreting existing laws which is the legal limit of their powers. Under Democratic rule, our legal and legislative systems will become blurred and eventually disappear.

How about killing innocent children? Democrats are the pro-abortion party in lockstep with NOW, NARAL, etc. and want to continue depriving soon-to-be-born American citizens of their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Do you like the concept of marriage? Don’t vote Democrat. They are the party of anti-traditional values. Homosexual marriage is the first step, the step they are currently endorsing. Later comes polygamy, then it’s a toss-up to see what comes next, bestiality or pedophilia. Eventually, the concept of marriage, the basic unit of civilization, will be eradicated and replaced under a Liberal concept of what civilization should be like.

Happy with America? Democrats aren’t. They complain about our domestic security. They ridicule our military and our police forces. They complain about the evils of capitalism and push for socialism and communism under the code name “reform”. They publicly praise our enemies and deride our own country.

And of course, let’s not forget the war on terror and the many other forms of national security. Democrats have opposed the war on terror in virtually every form. They tighten the chain and budgets of our intelligence industries, they tighten the budgets and powers of our military, they oppose border security, they push for giving illegal immigrants driver’s licenses, and they even oppose the concept of ensuring only legal U.S. citizens vote.

In a nutshell, Democrats are bad for our country. They are bad for our way of life, they are bad for our security, they are bad for our economy, they are bad for virtually any kind of traditional values, and they are not the party that should be in power. They should, in fact, simply move to other countries that are already fit the description of what they feel is proper and leave the true Americans alone, rather than stay here and continuously work to bring down our great country. But I doubt this will ever happen.

If you are a conservative, and if you agree with any part of what I’ve written here, I ask you – no, I beg you – go to the polls and vote for a conservative. You might not agree with the way the war has been conducted and you might not like the war in Iraq, but there are too many other issues at stake to peg the election down to one or two issues.


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