Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Rewards of Pacifism

Long time no blog, so I guess an update is in order. We are pretty much in the same position as before, which is juggling childcare with work and all other household duties. Time and energy are pretty scarce nowadays. Our oldest child has just been registered at a local pre-school (starts in August) and is currently taking swimming lessons. Our youngest has turned into Sir Drool-a-Lot and is deep into the put-everything-into-my-mouth phase. On the work front, the company I work for has won the bid to recable the New Orleans Superdome -- no small feat when you consider we have less than 20 full-time employees. I have a feeling things will remain quite busy for a while.

On to the business that dragged me out of my non-blogging stupor. Our neighbor to the north, Canada, is finally discovering that pacifism is not a good option when dealing with terrorism. Thankfully, they were able to discover this before the 17 arrested suspects implemented their plans for an Oklahoma City-style bombing, or possibly bombings. To quote a liberal Canadian associate of mine with whom I had a lengthy, heated debate some time back, I told you so.

This should serve as a warning to all pacifists. Terrorists are not logical. They are not merciful. The values held so closely by pacifists are completely alien to this group of people who are willing to torture and kill innocents in order to make a statement.

Wake up, people! The foreign and domestic policies you try to foist off on the rest of us will only result in our suffering and death. Pursuing pacifist behavior will only turn us into martyrs, and not necessarily for a good cause. I respect religious martyrdom and even political martyrdom up to a point. This goes beyond that, however, and can almost be classified as "civilization martyrdom".

The United States has already learned some hard lessons from treating terrorists lightly (Thank you, President Clinton). I beg our neighbors and all other nations: Learn from our mistakes! Treating terrorists with mercy only delays their attacks upon your own people because, short of unconditionally accepting their beliefs as your own, you too will fall into their crosshairs.


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