Friday, March 10, 2006

Exercise Update

First, let me start off by saying . . .


If it is part of my body, it hurts. It's that simple. I've only had one leg workout so far and now have a difficult time walking. And where do I work? On the second floor of a building with no nearby elevators. I just looove those stairs. On the other hand, the pain in my chest and shoulders have just about subsided to the point where I can blow my nose. Julie and my coworkers are grateful.

While I was at the gym for the leg workout, one of the trainers came up and, in a nutshell, told me I shouldn't do dumbbell lunges because that was more of an advanced workout, something I should do once I've built up more core strength. While I understand the logic behind his advice, there' s something about being compared to Pee Wee Herman that just makes me feel, well, less manly. Besides, it was a bit insulting to my religion. I'm a lifelong Catholic! Did someone really tell me I don't have that genuflection thing down?

He gave me the same advice later when he caught me flopping around on the decline bench (technically, I was doing situps) and recommended I use a "resist-o-ball", which is just a big, underinflated rubber ball that you can use for a variety of exercises. However, the ball kept rolling away, often taking me with it, much to the amusement of my fan club.

The fan club is encouraging. They follow me from machine to machine and watch my struggle to join the Mr. America Wannabes group. And, I'm still convinced they are laughing with me when I happen to, say, fall off of the rowing machine. I just wish they wouldn't exchange so much money when these things occur.


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