Saturday, December 10, 2005

Who Would Jesus Torture?

I just ran across the linked article and decided, although I’ve blogged on this issue before, this was worthy to break my blogging silence. As most of you know, I take issue with liberals on many points. It grieves me to say I will now extend my differences to include several Christians.
I claim Roman Catholicism as my religion. I have participated in five of the seven sacraments, I go to church pretty much every Sunday, and I hold true to pretty much all Roman Catholic teachings. But if I know an enemy I’ve captured has information on, say, a series of upcoming terrorist attacks on my soldiers, or especially on civilians on my country’s home soil, I will absolutely use any means at my disposal to get that information to prevent or at least disrupt the attacks.

I don’t see how people can think we can just “nice” these people into halting their efforts to wipe us off the earth. Terrorists in Iraq are even kidnapping those who opposed the Iraqi war in the first place and who are working on rebuilding Iraq to an even higher level than it was before. They are threatening to kill those who are actively helping the Iraqi people. Are they supposed to look at our sunny smiles, have a change of heart, and cut off the bombs strapped to their backs? Sorry, that doesn’t quite match my view of how things operate in the real world.

When it comes to acquiring time sensitive, potentially life saving information from someone who has already shown an express desire to kill Americans, I firmly believe that detainees will be more quickly persuaded by thumbscrews than by someone patting them on the head and saying "I feel your pain, man."


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