Friday, November 18, 2005

Totally cool friends

shower.jpgLast night we had a playdate at a friend’s house. It was going to be an ordinary playdate, until about a month ago I got a call from the group leader asking me to give a talk to the other moms about having a new baby and how and why the older siblings react to new

babies the way they do. She said she figured since I had a lot of child development education under my belt I'd be best suited to give the talk. No problem. It sounded like fun even though I have yet to have any empirical data in this area.

The other deviation from it being one of our typical playdates was that I had organized a surprise for our group leader. I got a bunch of the other moms to donate some money so that we could present Amy with a jogging stroller and a spa gift certificate since she’s done so much to make our playgroup as awesome as it is.

When I got there with another mom, I found out that they had planned a surprise baby shower for me!!! I was totally blown away. They gave me a few gifts, but then I found out that they had all prepared food for me to freeze so that I wouldn’t have to cook for a while after the baby is born. How awesome is that?!?!

I am so amazed by all these women. We’ve only just met, but yet I feel like I’ve known them for years.

And now a pregnancy update. You didn’t think you’d get away without one did you? This one has lots of girly information in it that you guys may not be interested in. Several days ago I noticed my mucous has changed a lot. Twice today I had a little bit of bleeding. Everything just feels different in there. Despite these changes, today’s the first day in about two weeks that I haven’t had any contractions. Interesting.


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