Thursday, August 18, 2005


I think it was last November I downloaded a new template for our blog. I haven't been able to figure out how to get our posts to show up on it. Everything else is ready to go, but the darned posts won't show up. I started messing with it again recently and still can't figure it out. It's a totally cool template, but darn it! I can't get it to work.

This morning Jay had to leave for work early. Usually he's the one who gets up with Jude in the morning. This morning when Jude got up he came in the room asking, "where's Daddy?" He was totally bummed. He ran to the front door and struggled to get it unlocked. When he finally did, he threw the door open and yelled, "DADDY!!!" I closed the door and locked it. I ushered him to the bathroom so that we could both have our morning potty sessions.

When we were done we walked to the kitchen and saw that the door was wide open. I was surprised because I had just closed and locked it. Jude was with me the whole time, so I rationalized that it wasn't him that opened it. I went to close the door and noticed that it was no longer locked either.

So now I'm totally freaked out. Before checking the house for visitors, I called Jay to make sure he didn't return home. I knew he didn't because he'd never leave the door open like that. He said it wasn't him and he stayed on the phone while I went room to room. Of course no one was there, but I still had no idea how the door unlocked and opened.

I packed a few things in a bag and went to my mom's house for a couple hours. She retuned with me and I checked out the house again and found it just as I left it. I still have no idea what happened and it is driving me crazy.


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