Thursday, August 11, 2005


Jude had an appointment with his new pediatrician this morning. She is totally awesome. I always dread finding a new doctor for him. He'll be three in a few days and he's already been through 5 doctors. Anyway, this one is great. I think we'll stick with her.

This was supposed to be time for a well-baby visit, but he's had diarrhea for close to three weeks now. I've been sure to keep him hydrated since dehydration is one of the biggest problems with excessive diarrhea. She said he may have rotavirus. She gave me a specimen cup to "ca-yect poopies" as Jude says. We managed to ca-yect a sample and we are off to the doctor again.

I hope we can get this resolved soon since Jude has his third birthday party next weekend. I'd hate to cancel his party, but I'd rather do that than send all the other kids home with the virus.


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