Friday, August 12, 2005

Jude's tummy update and other stuff

I got a call from the nurse. She said Jude tested negative for rotavirus and something else with numbers in the name. She said they should get the results from the cultures back by Monday.

Jude's picture blog has been updated.

I found it very annoying last night (and every other night) that as soon as I get comfortable in bed and start to doze off Jude wakes up. He comes screaming into the room with his request. One of us gets him back into bed, and then we get back into bed and get comfortable. As soon as that happens, here comes Jude again. This will go on for at least an hour. Last night it began at 1 until just after 2, then again at 4. I dealt with him until 5, and then Jay decided to get up with him. This happens pretty much every other night. I hope that means that tonight will be restful.


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