Thursday, April 28, 2005


I want to thank everyone who has been praying for this new little baby and us. A couple days ago the cramping stopped and the bleeding is almost non-existent. I'm still over-dosing on water and taking it easy without being a couch potato.

Mom has been awesome. For about a week, she'd come and pick up Jude in the mornings. She made me call her as soon as he woke up because she didn't want me lifting him out of his bed. She'd bring me lunch and check up on me throughout the day, then bring him home around the time Jay would get out of work.

Mom and I brought Jude to the zoo today. He loved it. It was his first visit. I can't believe how expensive it was to get it. Last time I remember going to the zoo, it was only a couple bucks. It was $8 for me. Mom got a $1 discount (I won't explain why, but it had NOTHING to do with her age), and $4.50 for Jude. Let's not mention how much the refreshments cost. It was worth it, though. We all had a great time, especially Jude.

In other news, I found a few more addictive games. Plastic Balls, Trapped, and Ripley's IQ Game. For Trapped, an ad for some other game pops up as Trapped is being loaded. I can't remember how I got around that. Either click the X to get out of the ad, or wait until Trapped finished loading.


Blogger Julie D. said...

So glad that you and the baby are doing ok ... and that you've been having such a good time! :-)

8:16 AM  

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