Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Boy, we've got some intelligent teens here

CHICAGO (Reuters) - One in five U.S. teenagers say they have engaged in oral sex, an activity that some adolescents view as not sex at all and certainly less risky than intercourse, a report released Monday said.

The survey of 580 children with a mean age of 14-1/2 found 20 percent said they had engaged in oral sex, compared to 14 percent who said they had engaged in sexual intercourse.

In addition, one-third of the multi-ethnic 9th graders surveyed said they intended to have oral sex within the next six months and nearly one-fourth planned to have intercourse during the period.
The article goes on to say that since adolescents think that they aren't really having sex when they have oral sex, they aren't at risk for contracting diseases. "They are likely to interpret sexual health messages as referring to vaginal sex."


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