Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Schmay after Tomorrow

Julie and I, being too cheap to actually rent a movie, borrowed The Day After Tomorrow from our neighbors' extensive movie library. As movies go, it was pretty good. The acting was believably good (with certain exceptions I'll discuss in a bit) and the special effects were outstanding.

The big fat negative for this movie was all the claptrap about global warming and how burning evil fossil fuels will melt our glaciers, flood our cities, and possibly usher in a new ice age, strangely enough. It's a good thing this movie wasn't made by liberals. If it had been, it would have featured caricatures of a hardnosed, money-oriented Dick Cheney and a dumb-as-toast George Bush. Oh, wait – it did.

It also gave plenty of screen time to characters sermonizing about how this happened 10,000 years ago and how we should learn our lessons. Yep, because I'm sure that last ice age was introduced by all those damned cavemen driving V8 engines, and you know they used a ton of CFC-powered hair spray to tame all that body hair. Irresponsible jerks.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that global warming isn't taking place. I'm not scientifically literate enough to say one way or the other. But when a bunch of tofu-eating weed-smoking Vegans force this much crap down my throat in a single sitting, it's bound to leave a bad taste in my mouth.


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