Friday, April 29, 2005

Liberals Try on Religion

"The word of God and communism are hand in hand," said Diana Sowry, a school bus driver from Ashtabula County, Ohio. She was one of a group of clergy and lay people participating in a conference on religion sponsored by the Communist Party USA here April 15-16.
Of all the things that I've read lately, I have to say that the referenced article, pretty much summed up in the above quote, has gotten a much larger share of my goat than many other articles in a long time. This is bovine feces to the highest degree. This has more gall, more chutzpah, more brass balls than the most air-headed, silver-spooned liberal on a particularly reality-insulated day. I simply don't have the words to describe how utterly false and how historically divorced from real life this belief is.

There are few, if any, instances of communism peacefully coexisting with religion. At least, not religions focused on a deity that is superior to mankind. In China the Maoists chased down religion with bloodthirsty thoroughness. Stalin stamped out virtually all religion in the Soviet Union. North Korean leaders killed scores upon scores of believers. Communists in Albania tried to eradicate religion and all followers. The list goes on. It's much easier to find instances of communists decimating religious believers than communists getting along with practitioners of any religion.

What really flabbergasts me is that several of the interviewees have good intentions and good ideas. Here are two good quotes below:
The Rev. Scott Marks, from New Haven, Conn., said "people in the pews" cannot simply stick to "feel-good issues," but must "be willing to go to the wall on the real issues."
"It's not pie in the sky when we die," Marks told the World. "It's how are we going to change things in the here and now."
Either these people have really been taken in . . . or they are the Left's new approach to religion. Take on an all-encompassing religious worldview that preaches "progressive social change" and lots of other communist/socialist buzzwords, then mobilize the members into a political force with democracy and capitalism square in its crosshairs. Hype up the idealistic goals of communism (but try to avoid saying the "C word" too loudly) and discreetly ignore the massive, blood-drenched failures that past "social experiments" have produced.

I swear, this beats even the Clintons bragging about how much they pray.


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