Friday, April 29, 2005

Public EduGaytion

A father who refused to leave a school meeting after protesting his son's exposure to pro-homosexual material was arrested and spent a night in jail. As a conservative, my first impulse was to rant and rave over this situation. However, after thinking about it I can see why the father may have been arrested.

The man had discovered that his son's class would be learning subjects he found objectionable. At the meeting he requested that he be notified whenever these topics were broached, whether they are in the lesson plan or come up in an impromptu discussion. He also requested that his son be pulled from the classroom when these topics should arise. Both requests were denied, and the man refused to leave when requested (I'm hoping he wasn't requested to leave simply because of his beliefs, but after reading previous news articles along these lines I wouldn't be surprised).

I can understand the denial of his requests. If teachers were required to remove select students from class each time "objectionable" topics were addressed, the amount of class time devoted to learning would be reduced even further. Children of conservative parents would be pulled any time pro-homosexual topics came up. Atheists could be pulled if Creationism or other theological subjects came up. Jehovas Witnesses would leave for the Pledge of Allegiance. Strongly religious students might be taken out if the discussion turned to evolution or the Big Bang Theory. It is conceivable that less-responsible or overly-ambitious parents would object to their children learning difficult topics such as physics or algebra. The list could be easily expanded.

However, I can also understand the father's position. His six-year-old son's class had been issued a textbook called "Who's in a Family", a book that includes homosexual couples as parents. I would be horrified to know that this was in store for my children at the local public schools and that I had no choice in the matter. I can't say I wouldn't have done the same or even more than this father did were I to find myself in his position. What options do the parents have? Private schools are amazingly expensive. Home-schooling requires a lot of time and energy that may simply not be available to the parents. Moving them to another school district is not always feasible and is often illegal.

It is a parent's responsibility to teach his children those values that he truly believes to be right, even if others disagree with these values. I am outraged that Moby will encourage any children he may produce to be homosexual, for example. But even though I strongly disagree with him, it isn't my legal right to steal away his children's moral formation. This doesn't stop the activist homosexual community from trying to usurp parental authority, unfortunately. They are well aware that it is easy to indoctrinate a young child with unnatural concepts and have thus infiltrated school systems wherever possible. They use legal and illegal (aka activist judges) means to foist their ideology on our children and on society as a whole. They know that preventing parents' involvement in their children's moral growth is the quickest way to impose their value system upon the rest of us.

Incidentally, this situation took place in Massachusetts, one of the originators of legalized homosexual marriage in the United States. As the father says in the article, legalizing homosexual marriage does not create a mandate to insinuate homosexuality into our lives. Apparently others disagree.


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