Friday, August 06, 2004


I finished reading Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman a few days ago. I thought it was a great book for many reasons, but I prefer to not pick apart books (or movies) because, for me, it seems to take the enjoyment out of the brief adventure I just experienced. I'd rather just live in that fantasy world for a little while and leave it at that. I will, however, share with you a couple quotes that jumped out at me. One caused me to laugh quite a bit, and the other caused me to think quite a bit.

Hunter was asked how old she is. "As old as my tongue," said Hunter, primly, "and a little older than my teeth."

So the day became one of waiting, which was, he knew, a sin: moments were to be experienced; waiting was a sin against both the time that was still to come and the moments one was currently disregarding.


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