Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Truth about Abortion

This is a terrific article listing the findings of a new study of the effects abortion has on women. Here are their major findings:

  • Of American women, 53.9 percent felt badly after their abortion while only 13.8 percent felt relief.

  • Some 36.4 percent of the American women had suicidal thoughts and 26.7 percent increased their use of alcohol or drugs.

  • Only 10.8 percent of the American women surveyed said they received adequate counseling before the abortion. Fully 84 percent did not receive adequate counseling and 5.2 percent were unsure.

  • Over 42 percent of American women reported being sexually or physically abused before age 18 compared to only 11.4 percent of Russian women.

  • About 50 percent of all the women surveyed felt that their abortion had been morally wrong.

  • Some 79.2 percent of the American women had never been counseled on alternatives to abortion.

  • Over 54 percent of American women were not sure about their decision to abort their pregnancy.
It is also the first to provide a detailed breakdown of traumatic symptoms which the subjects themselves attribute to their abortions. These results will help mental health workers to be better prepared to recognize and treat the psychological complications of abortion.
It will help them "be better prepared to recognize and treat the psychological complications of abortion." These statistics don't scream to them that abortion is wrong? Instead, they find that they have to brainwash these desperate women better. I'm surprised they didn't somehow work into the statistics that it's the fault of abortion protesters that the women have these negative feelings concerning their abortions.


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