Friday, November 12, 2004

Post Election Shock Disorder

You MUST read the linked article.
. . . when liberals win elections and the values that the majority of Americans hold are threatened by their dangerous dogma, conservatives debate the issues, run for office and work on legislation. They also still go to church, celebrate holidays, go shopping and do the dishes.

When conservatives win, liberals freak. How else do you explain the thousands of social workers who had to be deployed in Florida and elsewhere to help the liberals cope with "Post Election Shock Disorder"? When liberals aren't in power, they go into seizures. They give birth to fantastically sized farm creatures. They go on the cable shows and tell the country why the country was wrong for not having chosen them to lead. And they whine – my gosh, the incessant whining. . .

So to those of you who feel it necessary to let us know that you are so distraught with America that you can stay not even a day longer, don't dally. Just go. Send cards at Christmas, or Hanukah, Kwanza, Ramadan and Boxing Day (or whatever that Canadian thing is).



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