Friday, November 12, 2004

Another New Bloggerette

Welcome Philothea Rose. She has one of the greatest reasons for starting a blog:
it is nice to think that when there are times when I have thoughts that need to come out of my little head, I now have a place to release them. My poor husband, who can only handle about 1000 words coming out of my mouth in a single evening, will be eternally grateful.
Attention Julie D.: Philothea Rose is an avid fan of Alias.

Attention Kalanna: Philothea Rose is a fan of Little Women.

Attention Queen Alexa: Philothea Rose likes the song Dancing Queen by ABBA. Okay, well, I don't know if you like that song, but I do and I wanted you to be included in here somewhere.

This girl's got an attitude on her that will fit in well here:
We've all filled out applications, surveys, and opinions polls where the question of occupation is asked. I hate it when there is no option for me to put as a stay-at-home-mom, and I must put "unemployed", "other", or "not specified". My preference, when offered, is to put "homemaker"
And this is a wonderful mindset she has:
I am not a crafty person, I don't have the visual skills to have a perfectly decorated house, I don't enjoy cooking, I don't know how to garden or do yardwork very well. However, I don't have to be those things. I need to embrace the blessings I can give my family, and let go of trying to attain the "perfect" homemaker qualities that are contrary to my personality.


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