Saturday, November 13, 2004

My Impressions of You (Ladies)

Alexa has a new post on FrankinaSense and Mirth that got me thinking of my impressions of the women behind the blogs I read regularly. I decied to post it here to see what you all think of what I gathered about you and your lives.
Talking about the differences you see between yourself and the other bloggers out there makes me think of how I view everyone else based on their postings. Even though Kalanna's was the first I had read, I'll skip her since I know her personally. She is a terrific person, though!

After going through a few I read irregularly, I came across Julie D.'s blog. Initially, I liked her because she actually admitted to watching TV and enjoying it. So many other bloggers say they can't stand TV and don't even have one. Julie D. will tell you that yes, there's bad stuff on it, but there's good stuff also. She talks about the great stuff with her family, but has admitted to hard times. She likes to cook, and knit, loves her husband, and actually spends time with her kids. She's got great kids and because of the terrific role models they have, they'll be great contributors to society when they get older.

Yours was the next one I really got into. I visited your blog several times because Kalanna had linked to it. I liked some of what you had posted, but couldn't really relate. One time I was very angry with what you had said in one of your posts and didn't visit much after that. Later, after I thought about what you had said and decided even though we had differing opinions, we were both Catholic women and seemed to have a very similar outlook on how life should be. You've always seemed like a woman who has been through an incredibly rough life, but managed to keep your head above water and make the most of it. You love life. You are hilarious, dedicated to being a good person, and love your family like there's no tomorrow.

I started reading Zelie after I read several of her comments on Julie D.'s blog. I'm not quite sure why, but initially, I had a hard time getting into her blog. Maybe because she has such a hectic day-to-day schedule, she still manages to get it all done. I have a very sedate life, but sometimes it seems I manage to get next to nothing done. I like her because she seems to be so real. It started when she posted the pictures of her house. Like everyone else, she's got her messy spots. Her house looks like she raises her kids there. She knows that being a good mom doesn't mean having to keep a spotless house. She tries her best to live "in the moment" :)

Now there's Rebecca at doxology. The strangest thing is what initially drew me to her blog. Aside from the cool template, I like her picture. She's got great glasses. The picture makes me curious to see the rest of her face and her hair. I don't know much about her yet, but she seems to have a good head on her shoulders. She's funny and witty. She's dedicated to the life she's built with her hubby, and they are on the lookout for a baby.
Since posting this at Alexa's place, I've added on to Rebecca's paragraph. There were a couple things I thought I had mentioned, but after rereading the comment once I had already clicked to post it, I realized I hadn't included them.


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