Monday, October 18, 2004

How Much Angrier Can Julie Get?

Some time this fall, the movie Kinsey will be released. The movie is about Alfred Kinsey, famed "researcher." As I mentioned in a previous post, this man molested and abused children to perform his supposed research. He stimulated infants, toddlers, and older kids for however long it took just to see how long it would take for them to reach orgasm! He wanted to prove that humans are sexual beings. Liam Neeson plays the role of Kinsey.

An exploration of the life of the pioneer of human sexuality research, Alfred Kinsey (Liam Neeson). Spanning six decades from his childhood in the early 1900s to his death in 1956, the film turns the microscope on the man whose landmark studies on the sexual behaviors of the common man rocked a nation. The interviewer of tens of thousands, Kinsey subjected his own life and that of his researchers to the same type of analysis that produced his 1948 best-selling book "Sexual Behavior in the Human Male." But while the Kinsey team's focus was predominantly outward, perhaps what they learned about themselves was as great as that which they taught their country.
From what I've read, it looks like he is going to be made into a hero in this movie.
Kinsey utilizes a clever propaganda technique in that it shows some of Kinsey's flaws to fool viewers into thinking they’re getting a warts-and-all portrayal of the man, but it does not tell the whole truth.
Of all the reviews I've read regarding this movie, this one provides input from moral, ethical, psychological, and Christian standpoints. According to the article, the one positive aspect of this movie is an argument between Kinsey and his wife:

Anything positive is derived only indirectly. Kinsey approves of wife-swapping, but natural jealousies arise, proving that man’s God-inspired instinct toward monogamy cannot be changed by social fads. His wife eventually denounces wife-swapping: “Did you ever think those prohibitions [against adultery] are there to keep us from hurting each other?” she shouts. “What about our children?”
Despite the fact that it has a large amount of male and female nudity, multiple masturbation scenes, a discussion of sexual relations with a horse, and close-up shots of genitalia, somehow the film managed to receive an R-rating with request for editing.


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