Sunday, October 17, 2004

Checking out Zelie Again

Zelie posted pet peeves of hers and got me thinking of a man I was talking to while in the waiting room doctor's office. Jude was being the social butterfly that he is, walking around chatting with others. A man there asked the usual questions: how old is he, do you plan to have more. . . I said he's two and yes, I do hope to have more. He asked what I was waiting for and proceeded to tell me I'm waiting too long because I need to make sure to have them back to back so that when they are 18 we can kick them all out around the same time. He said it in a joking manner, but it still annoyed me.

Surprisingly, I had the perfect comeback right when I needed it, but held my tongue. I wanted so badly to tell him that pregnancy and childbirth isn't as easy as he may think and the body needs time to heal. My purpose for having and raising kids isn't to kick them out of the house at the earliest possible moment, and what may come as a shock to you is that appreciates unsolicited advice.

I held my tongue because he was just being what he considered funny and what I really would have been doing was unleashing anger on him that I've felt towards countless others that have given me unwelcomed counsel.


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