Monday, October 18, 2004


Oct. 18, 2004 — American Sex Lives 2004, a new "Primetime Live" sex poll conducted in conjunction with the ABC News Polling Unit, is among the most comprehensive surveys of its kind in decades and establishes a new, detailed picture of sex attitudes and behavior in America today.

The full results of this wide-ranging sex poll will be presented during a live, hourlong "Primetime Live" event airing Thursday, Oct. 21 (10-11 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. . .

  • Of those involved in a committed relationship, who is very satisfied with their relationship? Republicans — 87 percent; Democrats — 76 percent

  • Who is very satisfied with their sex life? Republicans — 56 percent; Democrats — 47 percent

  • The poll analysis also reveals who has worn something sexy to enhance their sex ife: Republicans — 72 percent; Democrats — 62 percent

  • When asked whether they had ever faked an orgasm, more Democrats (33 percent) than Republicans (26 percent) said they had.
Yet another reason to be a Republican.


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