Friday, September 17, 2004

Soldiers Chose Their Paths

A woman wearing a T-shirt with the words "President Bush You Killed My Son" and a picture of a soldier killed in Iraq was detained Thursday after she interrupted a campaign speech by First lady Laura Bush.

Police escorted Sue Niederer of Hopewell, N.J., from a rally at a firehouse after she demanded to know why her son, Army 1st Lt. Seth Dvorin, 24, was killed in Iraq. Dvorin died in February while trying to disarm a bomb.

I do feel bad for the families of soldiers who are killed in combat, but here's the thing, these men and women chose to be in the military. Yes, even those that only signed up to have their college education paid for. President Bush, or any other president for that matter, didn't go to these people's houses and hold a gun to their head making them sign on the dotted line. Sheesh.


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