Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Catholic Hospitals Perform Abortions

Here's a type of abortion I hadn't heard of before reading this article: Live Birth Abortion. The article states that these types of abortions are often used when the child has some sort of defect. Between 23-26 weeks gestation, some sort of medication is inserted into the woman's birth canal to induce labor. The baby is born sometimes dead, and sometimes alive. If the baby is alive, it will be kept "comfortable" until it dies shortly after birth. Because the doctors wait until so late in the pregnancy, it isn't considered an abortion. It is simply considered labor induction and the baby just happened to die.

Here's a testimony from a nurse who used to work at a Christian hospital that performed these abortions.
In the event that an aborted baby is born alive, she or he receives "comfort care," defined as keeping the baby warm in a blanket until s/he dies. Parents may hold the baby if they wish. If the parents do not want to hold their dying aborted baby, a staff member cares for the baby until s/he dies. If staff did does not have the time or desire to hold the baby, s/he is taken to Christ Hospital’s new Comfort Room, which is complete with a First Foto machine if parents want professional pictures of their aborted baby, baptismal supplies, gowns, and certificates, foot printing equipment and baby bracelets for mementos, and a rocking chair. Before the Comfort Room was established, babies were taken to the Soiled Utility Room to die.
I find it interesting that some of these services are available such as the pictures, gowns, and footprinting. I assume they are available because parents want them. I know that these can be wonderful mementoes for grieving parents, in fact Child Life departments frequently provide such services after parents and staff members have struggled to keep hospitalized children alive. However, if you are purposefully killing your child, why would you want these reminders of your actions?

And the fact that hospitals place these innocent children in the Soiled Utility Rooms to die is disgusting. These are rooms that are filthy. Linens covered in human waste, soiled towels, dirty mops and buckets, and many other things are stored in these rooms until they can be cleaned. To put beautiful babies in rooms like these until they die is sickening.

When "comfort care" is not provided, "hospital workers have suffocated, drowned or beaten the babies to death." Do I even need to express my concern here?


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