Thursday, September 16, 2004

What's In Your Purse?

LONDON - British women are packing some pricey handbags. The average British woman's handbag is worth about $1,037, according to a survey published Wednesday that examined both the cost of the bag and its contents. . .

The majority of women polled said makeup was the most valuable single item, with one in four carrying a set worth up to $90. Half of those surveyed said they regularly carry up to $90 in cash. . .

The average handbag itself was worth $54, and British women carry cell phones worth an average of $360, the survey found. Sunglasses accounted for around $90, perfume $72, and house and car keys $180. Other items included a hairbrush and a diary.

Let's see. I bought my purse from Wal-Mart for $15. We bought my cell phone used for a few bucks. I keep an eye liner pencil worth maybe $5 and two lip sticks worth another $5 each in my purse. I don't carry much cash either. If I carry money it's usually only $5-10. There are a few other items we can probably total at $10. That's a total of maybe $55. That's $1 more than what they claim to be the cost of the average handbag.

Why would house and car keys cost $180?


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