Wednesday, September 15, 2004

The Amazing Race

Since Julie D. from Happy Catholic was so generous to hand over blogging on The Amazing Race, I guess I better get to it even though I don't remember anyone's names. I guess I better check out the link she provides on her blog.

I missed the first ten minutes of yesterday's show and walked in on the part where the teams were on the boats getting ready to climb the ladder. I thought it was great the way Brandon just zipped up the ladder and across the bridge the way he did while Chip struggled his way up and took baby steps across.

While plowing the field, I couldn't believe it when Colin told Christie he hates her. What a jerk! And when she got into the cab and started honking the horn I had some names for her. And when she told the cab drive that some of the other players yielded them (Chip and Kim) she said they weren't playing fairly. What was that all about? It's one of the options of the game, girly. Get over it. I'm really starting to think she and Colin deserve each other.

Although Linda was a little too whiney for me this time around, I was pleased the bowling moms were in first place for a while. It gave them a nice emotional boost that they were desperate for.

I was glad those two came in last. I was worried that there wouldn't be anyone to criticize anymore since I like the three remaining teams, so I have to admit I'm glad they weren't eliminated.

On a side note, I think I saw a huge picture of Brandon in one of the stores at the mall here. Pretty funny. He's not bad looking, but I really wouldn't have considered him model material.


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