Monday, September 27, 2004

Neighbor's Brat

Since we moved in to our new apartment last month, I have had to clean up the porch, bushes, and grass in front of our place at least twice a week. I am certain it is the kids who live upstairs that litter the place, but I hadn't seen them do it, so I've never said anything.

Yesterday evening, jaymen was bringing the garbage out and Jude followed him out the door. I stayed behind to make sure Jude didn't run out into the street. I was standing on our porch watching. I could hear two of the neighbor's kids up on the balcony and saw pieces of something black fall onto the ground. Some fell into the grass, some into the bushes, and some onto our porch. It was old shoe laces.

I went to collect them and decided to head upstairs. I saw the older kid removing the lace from his other shoe with the younger kid at his side. I handed him the laces I collected and asked him to please thrown his garbage into the garbage can if he didn't want it rather than tossing it onto the ground. He said it was his sibling and pointed to the child. I told him it didn't matter to me who was doing it, just please don't do it again.

This morning the shoelaces were all over the porch, bushes, and grass. I collected them and placed them on the stairs leading to their apartment. I plan to write a letter to the apartment manager tonight.

We had to call security on them again Saturday around 11:45 pm. I read the lease agreement and it says if a tenant has multiple complaints they will be evicted. I wonder what constitutes "multiple" complaints here? If I remember correctly, we were told two when we were filling out the paperwork when we moved in. I really am not certain, though. So far, we called security and wrote a letter concerning one evening in particular. We called security a second time this past weekend, then I plan to submit this letter within the next couple days. Something has to be done.


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