Friday, September 24, 2004


After hearing about eBay a while back, I have been visiting the site and checking out prices, but never actually purchasing anything. Last Wednesday I broke down and tested it out. Shortly after Jude was born, my mom started collecting Thomas the Tank Engine trains for him. She said everyone needs a collection of something and every little boy needs trains, so why not have a collection of trains? Okay, as long as she buys them. These are some expensive products.

Jude and I are completely addicted to Thomas and all his friends now. The stories are wonderful and engaging. The sing along songs are cute. Jude loves the little peep peeps the trains greet each other with. He plays with his trains nearly all day long. He's up to 14 trains, five DVDs, three books, and a set of tracks Jay and I just bought for him for Christmas.

When we go somewhere, he often want to bring one or two with him. When we head down south to visit family, we stick them all in a gallon Ziplock bag and head out. The problem is, the Ziplocks are a awkward to carry. I came across a cute travel bag on a Thomas site a couple months back and thought it was pretty cute, but it cost $25 plus another $6 for shipping. I forgot about the bag until I came across it on eBay for $7. I decided to bid. Turns out I was the only bidder. We got the bag yesterday. Even though it's used, it's in terrific condition.

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