Friday, September 24, 2004

Another Reason to Not Smoke

Date-rape campaigners warned today that spiked cigarettes could be used to lure victims into drinking drugged alcohol. . .

But Dr Jim Campbell, a forensic expert who does work for the foundation, said today that “frys” alone were unlikely to supplant current date-rape drugs.

He said the effects of fry-type cigarettes are not long-lasting enough to allow a sex attacker to act.

“You will feel giddy and may go into a stupor but it will not last very long and it will not incapacitate somebody,” Dr Campbell said.

“It will not affect the memory either so it does not have many of the effects of a date-rape drug.”

He said embalming fluid is a mixture of formaldehyde and alcohol which had almost immediate effect.

It was possible a woman who would not accept a drink from a stranger might do so under the temporary influence of a drugged cigarette.

Nasty! Who would even think to soak a cigarette in embalming fluid then smoke it?


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