Friday, September 03, 2004

Disturbing Blog Post

As I have mentioned before, I have been surfing the blogs. What I usually do is read the two or three most recent posts and maybe the very first two or three to get a feel for who the blog belongs to.

While doing that recently, I came across one that really bothered me. The blog is titled Life in the Breakdown Lane. Snarkdog appears to be the bloggerette there. She just started the blog in August. Her second post titled My Stunningly Beautiful Daughter was the one that got to me. See, this woman has two daughters, yet she seems to favor one over the other appearance-wise. She makes it loud and clear in this post.

I'm the Mom of two girls. My youngest, E., is 7 years old and a Hotty McHotty in the making! Two thirds of her height is made up by her legs. She is skinny as a rail and has perfect skin that tans just the right amount even with 30 SPF sunblock on. Her hair is dark blonde with sunlit highlights and as straight as a stick.
She said the purpose of this post was to explain their evening. Her daughters had been at a friend's house and came home "all dolled up" because the friend's older sister "made them up and did their hair" using "smokey eyeshadow, black mascara and sparkly lipgloss". She brought her daughters to dinner while they still had the make up on. Keep in mind she is only talking about the younger daughter here:

The thing was, I couldn't take my eyes off my daughter and think how pretty she was and how lucky she was to have such natural beauty.
I have no problem with kids playing dress up with clothes and make up. I loved it when I was a kid and I still do to an extent.

While discussing back-to-school shopping she mentions how the younger daughter loves to shop and this is what she has to say about her older daughter:

S., my older daughter, will feel like crap because it isn't made with girls like her in mind. She is overweight and self-conscious about her preteen body.
I know all kids are different and that some are thinner and more attractive than others, but that's all she had to say about her other daughter! What if her daughters were to read her post? If I were S., I would feel awful knowing my mom couldn't take her eyes off my younger sister because she thought she was "stunningly beautiful" while she thought I was "overweight and self-conscious".


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