Monday, September 20, 2004

Democrats and Criminals: Peas in a Pod

One of the litmus tests determining one's conservatism or liberalism is one’s stance on criminals. "Lock them up and throw away the key" generally warrants a conservative stamp, and "Give them a hug and let them go" gives you a nice, pink liberal label. While merits can be found on both sides of the issue, I am focusing instead on the bond that has been forged between criminals and the Democratic Party.

The referenced article states that, were they not disenfranchised by their respective states' laws, felons would have overwhelmingly voted for Democrats. It seems that the Democratic tendency to avoid imprisoning criminals has paid off in terms of a larger constituency.

I have to wonder, though, if this is the only reason criminals swing Democratic. Consider Bill Clinton’s shenanigans. Here is a man who smoked marijuana, dodged the Vietnam draft, cheated on his wife, sexually harassed several women, perjured himself, and committed several other crimes (think Whitewater) for which he evaded prosecution. What a role model for criminals – the man who frequently flouted the law and escaped even the hint of incarceration was President of the United States!

Liberal organizations are often criminal-friendly, exemplified by America Coming Together's and ACORN's employment of convicted felons to conduct door to door voter registrations. Through this informal partnership, both backs are scratched and nudges and winks are thrown in as bonuses. Some big potential losers to this partnership are the people who unknowingly give large amounts of personal information to these criminals. Who knows? Maybe this is one of the reasons for the sharp rise in identity theft nationwide.

While many Americans might agree to criminal rehabilitation in concept, the "not in my backyard" attitude remains prevalent. I'm sure most Americans would not be overly happy to know convicts were roaming their neighborhoods not only free, but trying to collect personal information from the residents. Thus it is safe to say that criminals have to rely on a party that often goes against the wishes of the general American public in order to get their coddling.


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