Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Life is uneventful . . . for now

There's not much going on over here. Jay's working and Jude and I are playing. Mt. Dishmore needs to be washed and Mt. Laundrymore is running away from itself.

Jude and I joined a playgroup that's been keeping us busy. We visit with them one to two times a week. He really seems to enjoy it and it keeps me sane. The moms are terrific and the kids get along really well.

We broke down and bought Jude a new car seat. According to the measurements, he should still fit into his old one for another ten pounds and many more inches, but for the past couple months he's done nothing but complain about being uncomfortable in it. We got him a new one and he is much happier.

I'm working in Gabriel's room sporadically. Maybe it'll be ready by the time he's born.

I think I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions. I'm not sure, since I really don't think I had any when I was pregnant with Jude.

I've added more pictures to Jude's blog. Check them out. He's getting cuter and cuter by the minute.


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