Sunday, September 25, 2005

We're Baaaack

We made it through with no problems other than the loss of electricity for a day and a half and no water (because of the lack of electricity) for half a day. We also had a couple large confederate rose bushes hit hard. One of them lost a couple branches and the other was just about uprooted. We're trying to save them especially since they are about to bloom. A large unused antenna was blown off our roof. Saved us the hassle of getting it down ourselves.

Our neighbors were nice enough to share their generator with us so that we could keep our refrigerator powered. Thank you, thank you, thank you Alison and Jeremy!

Jay's mom lost electricity, as well. She and Jeff (Jay's brother) came to mooch off our A/C this afternoon while in town trying to get a hold of some ice, milk, and a generator. By the time they were ready to head home, they found out their electricity had been restored.

This bit is more for Kalanna, but of course everyone else is free to read along. The ones who would be worse off than any of us would be Jay's sister, Michelle, and her family. They live in a town near Lake Charles. They evacuated several days ago and headed to Jay's mom's house, but left when the electricity went out since they have three young children. Michelle's father-in-law was able to pass by their house quickly sometime today and he said he saw no damage to the front of their house. That's really good news since the front of their house faces south. Michelle and Michael will probably head home alone to check thing out before bringing the munchkins home.

Jay's family in the Kenner area did alright, as well. His uncle only accumulated a few inches of water in his garage. Jay's cousin's house was totally flooded again, but that's okay because they were in the process of gutting their house because of the damage done from the previous hurricane. The rest of his N.O. family either had no damage, or still had not been allowed back home yet since the previous hurricane.

We had some pretty serious wind and a lot of rain. The rain was much needed and the wind was just neat to listen to. No tornadoes, Trish!

We have some pretty interesting critters around now. A toad decided to seek refuge just inside our door. Jude was impressed. Jay found a huge walking stick in one of our bushes. When I say this thing is huge, I mean it is the biggest insect I have ever seen. Also, a banana spider survived the winds. I am pleased because these are some beautiful spiders! Jay found it on our south wall while he was boarding up the windows.

With all that said, we now have some nasty, muggy weather ahead of us tomorrow. It’s supposed to be just plain gross tomorrow, then it’s going to cool down for the next few days with a cold front headed in from the northwest. I look forward to it with much anticipation!


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Cool Blog, I never really thought about it that way.

I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!

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