Friday, September 02, 2005

Racism in New Orleans

Monsier Randall Robinson makes the claim that a less-than-full effort has been made in the New Orleans area because of a plot to let blacks die, that no one has come to help them. He further claims that blacks have begun eating human corpses to survive, citing unnamed reports by unknown agencies.

Yes, all those cops, firefighters, troops, medical specialists, and volunteers have gone to the stinking, steamy, disease and chemical ridden swamp that used to be New Orleans just so they can watch blacks die. All the whites were already evacuated because, as everyone knows, we get advance notification via the secret WhiteyAM radio station. Just watch TV -- you won't see a single white refugee still in the Big Easy. All those news broadcasts urging people to leave before the hurricane? They were specially designed to look just like creative Ford commercials. And just so you know, those rescue helicopters were throwing firecrackers overboard so they could pretend people were shooting at them so they wouldn't have to actually pick anyone up.

It's a shame that blacks have such rapid metabolisms. Otherwise they could survive up to 30 days without food just like the rest of humanity. No, those poor blacks had to resort to grabbing the occasional corpse for dinner ("Oh, mom, not ANOTHER old person!" "Eat your dinner and we can have a diabetic for dessert, son.")

Oh, yes, here's a choice comment I found on the referenced post:
I am appalled by the government's lack of action, but not surprised. Gays like me stood powerless while the government let us die by the millions in the eighties and the world stood by, doing nothing.

Heaven forbid the world should stand by and let homosexuals who participate in unsafe sex actually get STDs that they already know will eventually kill them. While we're at it, we need to build our vehicles and highways out of foam rubber so as to protect all those poor drunks who get behind the wheel.

It's good to let liberals spout their crap. It provides both fertilizer and entertainment.


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I cant tell if you are homophobic and racist or what.

5:44 AM  

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