Monday, August 29, 2005

Prayer request

As I mentioned earlier, pretty much all of Jay's New Orleans area family is staying at his mom's house. As we watched the news this afternoon, we came to the realization that none of these people have homes any more.

We saw the Kenner and Metairie areas on the TV screen and all you could see were the roofs of the houses. At least six of the family members live in those neighborhoods. One of them has a new baby girl that is now homeless.

The other group at Jay’s mom’s house lives in Slidell. That's another city that was hit hard. We weren't shown that particular city, but Chalmette, the neighboring area, looked just like Kenner. All you could see were the roofs.

The newscasters were discussing that the pumps that were being used to get rid of the water were breaking left and right. Almost 800,000 people in Louisiana are without electricity. A large water pipe was busted and now they can’t even drink the water without boiling it. If you don’t have electricity, there aren’t too many ways you can boil water. The electric companies have crews coming in from three other states that are ready to work on the lack of electricity, but they can’t until the water levels drop considerably.

Please, if you aren’t already, keep these people in your prayers. Not just the families who have lost their homes, but for all the people who are working hard to get life back to normal (or as normal as it can get now) for them as soon as possible.


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