Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Here's one for M+

To back up his response to this post.

Hush, little fetus ... is an article by Jill Stanek that discusses how our knowledge of fetal development has evolved over the years. Here's a clip from the end of the article:
Torture. Back then, doctors were committing torture on preemies by performing procedures on them without providing pain relief. That meant abortionists were committing torture on fetuses by drawing and quartering them without providing pain relief.

Almost 20 years later, the medical community has come a long way on the one hand. Doctors now routinely provide compassionate pain relief to neonates and preemies before performing procedures.

On the other hand, this so-called enlightened group demonstrates the darkest depravity and what would be laughable stupidity if the topic weren't so critical by their increasingly convoluted attempts to rationalize how they can possibly condone abortion.

All to protect their self-idol worship in a world they've conjured in their minds where they are the gods who create human life in a petri dish, sustain human life in mothers' bodies that wouldn't normally sustain it, and destroy human life that isn't perfect or anticipated to be born into a perfect situation.

Oh, and to keep making scads of money.


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