Friday, September 09, 2005

I’m Not Sure If I’m Aggravated

For the first time ever, Germans may elect a woman as their chancellor. Angela Merkel will get her chance for the position on September 18.

I’m not bothered by the idea of a woman in charge. On the home front, I personally hope Dr. Condoleezza Rice makes a go of it in 2008 (I also hope Hillary Clinton runs and gets the snot kicked out of her – now THAT would do my heart good).

No, what bothers me is that “recent state elections have shown women are inclined to support female candidates, regardless of party.” Are women willing to give up their political ideology just to get another woman in the seat of power? What, is there some sort of secret feminist plot to get a woman in charge and force estrogen shots on men and mandate doll-playing for all students in kindergarten, and the political party is just a front?

This just makes no sense. Maybe it’s different for me since I am a member of the Evil, Conservative, Heterosexual White Man Clan, but there is no way I am going to vote for, for example, an abortion-supporting, welfare-promoting stalwart of affirmative action just because he happens to look similar to me. Unless, of course, he’s simply the best of a bad bunch.

Help me out here, people. Does anyone understand this phenomenon?


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