Friday, January 28, 2005

Strange eating habits

I knew kids like to eat strange things and like to eat the same things repeatedly, but this is just plain nasty.

Jude has always had a preference for oatmeal ever since we started him on it when he was approximately 9-12 months. Now he can eat two of those pre-flavored packets on his own and ask for more. For the past couple months he has been eating DRY, unflavored oatmeal by the spoonfuls and handfuls.

Are there any other strange eating habits out there?


Blogger Julie D. said...

Hannah (16-yrs-old) also will eat dry oatmeal every so often ... pointing out that it is basically unflavored granola. She's got me there but yuck. She eats the plain unflavored oats out of the Quaker carton.

Then there's my husband who likes to fry bologna but that's a whole separate issue. :-)

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