Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Thoughts on Election Day

Once again, we have several leftists threatening to emigrate from America should George W. Bush win the presidential election today. True to radical liberal nature, they will probably renege on their promise this year as they did in 2000. The only public figure to keep his word was Pierre Salinger, the White House press secretary for the Kennedy administration who moved to France after the 2000 election and died last month.

What a shame. Think of all the homosexuality promoting, business crippling, baby killing, family dismantling, Christianity denigrating, reverse discriminating wannabe-socialists moving to France. This drastic move would effectively raise the average IQ in both countries.


Julie and I placed our votes this morning just after the polls opened at 6:00. We aren’t too worried about Louisiana. While Louisianians tend to vote for democratic governors and local politicians, we generally swing Republican on the national scene.

That is, of course, unless we get a major democratic voter surge in the New Orleans and Baton Rouge areas. This isn’t unheard of. John Edwards claimed that, due to their support for embryonic stem cell research, the crippled would walk again. That’s nothing! Here in Louisiana, for every election we manage to raise people from the dead.


I keep hearing people complain that they haven’t yet made up their mind for the election. Not so much on the order of Kerry vs. Bush as [Major Candidate on their “side”] vs. [3rd-party candidate on their “side”].

This isn’t really the year to make a political statement. Any vote cast for a 3rd-party candidate is just that: a political statement that, functionally speaking, contributes nothing. There is simply too much at stake this year, including the war on terror, the political systems and stability of Afghanistan and Iraq, and Supreme Court justices to name a few.

Translation: If you are a true radical liberal, make sure to vote for Nader. This is your year!


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