Sunday, October 31, 2004

Those Silly Non-Catholic Catholics

I just read an article that states that John Kerry knowingly chose a convicted child molester to be his daughter's Godfather. He admitted to it and was convicted three years before Kerry's daughter was born; yet Kerry still selected this man as his daughter's Godfather. This is just sickening.

When Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary agreed to do a fund-raising concert for a Texas congressional candidate last month, the appearance had to be canceled at the last moment when it was revealed the singer was convicted of child molestation in 1970 and pardoned 11 years later by President Carter. . .

The folksinger pleaded guilty to taking "immoral and improper liberties" with a 14-year-old girl back in 1970.

As reported at the time, the girl and her 17-year-old sister went to Yarrow's hotel room seeking an autograph. Yarrow answered the door naked and made sexual advances that stopped short of intercourse. The 14-year-old resisted his advances but did not call for help. Yarrow served three months of a one- to three-year prison sentence and was pardoned by Carter in 1981.

The singer has acknowledged the incident as "the most terrible mistake I have ever made."

And there's more good news concerning John Kerry. There has been yet, another Vietnamese war document linking him to Hanoi.

Now, a third document [pdf file] provides more context, showing that Kerry's July 22, 1971, press conference calling on President Nixon to accept the seven-point plan presented by Viet Cong leader Madame Nguyen Thi Binh was perfectly aligned with Hanoi's step-by-step agenda.

If you look at the sequence of events, it would certainly seem Kerry was following a plan and was not just simply acting spontaneously," said Jerome Corsi, a specialist on the Vietnam-era antiwar movement and co-author of "Unfit for Command," the best-seller challenging Kerry's qualification to lead the nation.

Kerry insists he attended the talks only because he happened to be in France on his honeymoon and maintains he met with both sides. But previously revealed records indicate the senator made two, and possibly three, trips to Paris.

Mel Gibson and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger are at odds. Although both are Roman Catholics, Schwarzenegger is in favor of California's Proposition 71, which will "create $6 billion in public debt to fund the cloning of human embryos for embryonic stem-cell research."

Focus on the Family Founder and Chairman Dr. James C. Dobson said:
The true promise for treatment and cures lies with adult stem-cells, which do not require the cloning of human embryos nor the destruction of those embryos,” Dobson said. "The National Institutes of Health reports at least 74 diseases treatable by adult stem-cells. Sacrificing the tiniest members of the human family on the altar of science – and questionable science at best – is nothing short of state-funded cannibalism."


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