Monday, November 22, 2004

Socialist Llama Jockeys!

You know, I really planned on not blogging at all until I passed one last test on the MCSE track, but this just needs to be mentioned.

In the referenced article, a Chilean security detail tried to prevent President George W. Bush's secret service detail from accompanying him into a photo session. Bush had to physically reach through the Chileans and pull his main security guy through. Later the same day, the Chileans refused to implement such security measures as passing all dinner guests through a metal detector.

Okay, people, let's get something straight. Like it or not, the United States of America is currently the only world superpower and, despite a bunch of liberal claptrap to the contrary, we are not an imperialist nation. We look out for our interest and the interests of our allies, and that often includes enforcing world peace.

Am I bragging? No, I'm trying to make this point: If the leader of the U.S.A. is assasinated, that will throw the whole world into a tizzy. If the leader of a smaller nation gets killed, there may be some regional instability but, with a few rare exceptions (such as WWII, I believe), those instabilities will not spread very far, certainly not on a worldwide scale.

I don't know who these Chilean pinhead wannabe socialists think they are, but methinks their cabezas are a bit too large for their sombreros. Unfortunately, the majority of that excess mass seems to be bone.


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