Monday, November 08, 2004

Heated Discussion

Michael_the_ArchAngel has a very heated discussion going on over at his place. His post Tolerance = Gay Marriage ---- NOT!!!!!! got jaymen interested, so of course there's a debate. Go visit and add your two cents.

Here's a tidbit:

Scott from Oregon says:
A gay man marrying a gay man does not infringe on the reliousity of others any more than a Taoist monk walking the streets of Vicksburg, Mississippi would. You learn tolerance by being exposed to the stupendous possibilities and differences in human thought, behavior, and action..... You teach intolerance by limiting that exposure. So, if you want to worry about the children and what they learn, you might consider teaching them about tolerating those who you yourself can't understand. Your premise is nothing more than homophobia masked in a premise that is arguably weak, and if I am not mistaken, goes against the basic tenets of this country "All men are created equal".... Sashay or no sashay....
Jay comes back with:

. . . "All men are created equal" is often misconstrued. All men are created equal in that we all have the same basic physical, intellectual, and emotional components inherent in a "person". However, the combination of these components particular to an individual and the choices he makes throughout his life help determine what that person is able to do according to the rules of his particular society.

And Kat writes:
. . . are you sayiing to me that homosexuals are self destructing in some manner?
Jay's response:
Yes. In fact, YES. 1) They cannot reproduce on their own. They must resort to adoption or "borrowing" someone else’s reproductive resources. 2) They are more likely to spread disease through willful promiscuity. In fact, they are not only self-destructive as a group but they contribute to the destruction of society.

Expanding on 1), what children homosexuals do acquire are much more likely to be raised in unstable environments, which drastically reduces the chances of those children becoming contributing members of society. Expanding on 2), these diseases build up resistances to most common treatments and threaten not only themselves but others around them. This drives up the costs of healthcare and often drains government funds (Medicare, etc.), as well as draining the supplies of certain types of medicine. Also, remember the people who acquired HIV from blood transfusions before blood supplies were screened more closely. Not only have their lives been horribly altered, but this is yet more draining of the types previously mentioned.


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