Friday, November 05, 2004

America Speaks Out

Clicking on the title of this post will bring you to the Yahoo Election site, where a map is displayed showing which states went to which presidential candidate. A very large percentage of the states went for George W. Bush, but that isn’t the complete story.

USA Today has a county map that even more clearly underscores the nationwide support given to President Bush. Some might claim that this was more of a rejection of Kerry, but the same page has a tab for 2000 which also shows that an overwhelming percentage of counties supported then-Governor Bush.

The day after the election, liberals worldwide were stunned. They are now moving from stupefaction to depression and from depression to fury. Media outlets in Canada and the United Kingdom have already blasted Americans for what they see as a deficiency of good sense. The British tabloids were especially angered since their attempt to influence our election failed so badly. Closer to home, Ted Rall scribbled an op-ed titled “Guilty, Disgusted, American” that is almost comic in its bleak despair. Given the tone of this editorial, it wouldn’t surprise me had Rall written this assignment in his own blood.

There is an important lesson for liberals to learn. William Tucker’s “Lessons for Losers” sums it up quite succinctly, and the following quote is the crux of the confusion felt by liberals.
SO HERE THE DEMOCRATS are, stuck in a country with a bunch of rubes who believe in things like going to church and not being enthusiastic over homosexuality.
This election turned out to be hinged not on the economy, not on military records, not on weapons of mass destruction, and not (as I previously suspected) on national security. According to exit polls conducted by the Associated Press, this election hinged on morals.

I address the following to CBS, NBC, ABC, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, NARAL, ACT, ACORN, the United Nations, the majority of our nation’s universities, and liberals worldwide who, secluded in their ivory towers of ignorance, profess to know what is best for America and the world as a whole, and who have shown their willingness to stop at nothing to force their ideals upon America.

We are Middle America. We comprise the majority of the United States of America. We work hard to provide for our families, we attend church, we struggle to raise our children free from the corrupting influence of so-called popular culture, and we take pride in our great nation.

We reject the notion that man is the ultimate moral authority. We reject your denial of God. We reject your vocal disdain of religion. We reject the fallacy of relative morality. We reject your erroneous proclamation that Separation of Church and State mandates a secular government.

We reject your declaration that a woman has the right to slaughter her unborn children. We reject the belief that innocent life is subordinate to a woman’s convenience. We reject the notion that killing children is merciful.

We reject your assertion that marriage is an archaic institution. We reject your affirmation of homosexuality. We reject the fallacy that marriage is anything but a sacred commitment between one man and one woman.

We reject your hypocritical interpretation of Freedom of Speech. We reject your demands that the most fringe leftist elements be allowed to speak their minds, yet try to ban any speech that denigrates your own core beliefs.

We reject your worldview. We reject your nihilism. We reject your delusional conviction that only you know what is best for our nation and humanity as a whole. We reject your casually arrogant belief that Middle America rejects your values because of extreme ignorance or unintelligence.

Despite your extreme efforts over the past several years, we have in this election soundly rejected the ideals for which you stand. We now call on you to either abandon those beliefs which stand in stark contrast to what we as Americans hold dear, or to move to a country that is more compatible with your myopic view of human nature. God willing, your influence in this country is over.


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