Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hey, They're Talking About Us!

PHILADELPHIA -- Equal parts soapbox, confessional and church social, the blogs of religious folk are not easily categorized.

On Monday, someone may post a lengthy exegesis of a favorite Bible passage, on Tuesday a screed against Democrats and on Wednesday, a picture of his cat.

Blogs, or "Web logs," resemble personal Internet pages. But advances in computer technology are making such blogs public trading posts in the marketplace of ideas. Bloggers post comments on their pages instantaneously, provide links to articles and other Web sites, and hold running conversations between people on multiple continents.

Like incense in a mammoth cathedral, religion permeates the blogosphere. . .

In 2002, a number of Catholic bloggers gathered online and formed "St. Blog Parish" -- a virtual congregation that includes priests, canon lawyers, a choir director and about 100 lay people.


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