Sunday, October 10, 2004

We Don't Need No Stinkin' Spell Check

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Before Miami artist Maria Alquilar completed a $40,000 ceramic mural recently installed outside a Livermore, Calif., library, she might have wanted to step inside to consult an encyclopedia.

Of the 175 brightly colored words in the mosaic -- a testament to literary and historic figures such as Einstein, Shakespeare and Van Gogh -- 11 were misspelled.

'This work is a fantastic work,'' said Alquilar, perplexed and frazzled by all the fuss. ''It was meant to bring particularly young people an understanding of the interlacing of cultures.''

Though the artistic faux pas was noticed within days of the installation in March, the city of Livermore -- a suburb outside San Francisco -- agreed this week to pay an additional $6,000 plus travel expenses for Alquilar's return to fix the errors.

No, thank you, says the artist. She's not about to fly to California until the museum issues an apology.

Quite frankly, I'm really upset about this,'' Alquilar said. ''Nobody at the library has said what a great work it is.''
This is hilarious. You've got to read the entire article. Even though the people who hired her are willing to pay her more, she won't make corrections because she's upset that they haven't told her how great her work is? The work isn't great. Woman, this collage of misspellings rests outside a library! You're a former school teacher!


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