Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Botox Going to the Dogs and Birds

If you just happen to have some spare cash lying around, why not make a sound investment in your pooch's appearance?

After reading this article, I thought I'd Google "Botox for animals" and I came up with a Botox forum that listed this post:
My dog is looking a little old, I was wondering if there is Botox for animals? You know, to maybe spruce up his droopy face a little. Thanks. His name is Pudge.
I also found this article that had this to say:

They've used it to paralyze the vocal cords of songbirds as part of an unusual study on how neurons are born. . .

Insights we learn about the birth of new nerve cells will help build a knowledge base that will let us do stem cell grafting and brain transplants in people some day,

Although it goes on to say:
What do songbird brains have to do with human brains? Not much. . .
Before learning about rich women (and liberal politicians) using Botox to freshen up a "droopy face", I learned from my clinical experiences in the Child Life department at Shriners Hospitals for Children in Shreveport that Botox has non-cosmetic value:
Botox is given into overactive muscle. Most of the time Botox is given in the calf or the back of the thigh. The main reason for using Botox is to weaken the overactive muscle. This allows other muscles to work more normally. Botox may help children walk better. Using Botox may also let us know possible results before surgery.


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