Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Itchy bumps and more itchy bumps

We had an interesting weekend over here. Thursday morning I woke up with a few welts on my arms and legs. I thought that maybe a spider had gotten to me while sleeping because that's what the welts looked like. They went away, then came back later. Even worse. Then went away. Then came back later even worse and kept getting worse and more and more itchy.

By the time I got really concerned it was approximately 4:30. I stopped by my cousin's office figuring she'd be out, but thought I'd give it a try anyway. She was gone for the day, but one of her nurses was there. She got a horrible look on her face and said she thought it looked kind of like PUPPPS. I asked what that was and she said it's a horribly annoying rash. I asked how to get rid of it and she said it usually doesn't go away until delivering the baby. She said I could take two Benadryl and recommended I come in first thing the following morning.

That night was unbearable! The rash ended up covering my entire body. I itched so bad all night. I was so swollen it hurt to bend my arms and legs. By the time I was able to fall asleep, it was probably 3 in the morning.

So I saw Holly the next morning. Much of the rash had gone away with the Benadryl, but luckily Jay and I thought to take pictures just in case. Holly checked me out and looked at the pictures and said it didn't look or act like PUPPPS to her and narrowed it down to my recent change in prenatal vitamins. She told me to quit taking those and to start taking Jude's Flintstone vitamins since they are milder. She also prescribed a Medrol pack to help wipe out the rash. She said if it's not the vitamins, she plans to refer me to a dermatologist.

The rash is pretty much gone. When it does reappear, there's not much to it and it disappears relatively quickly. I have my regular appointment next week.


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