Wednesday, June 29, 2005

More on the Jude front

Get ready for a terribly interesting and intellectual post. I know I give you all a lot of them, so here's one more.

Let's see. . . he's doing pretty well in his new bed. Last night he did get up a few times, but he didn't do all the fussing he did the night before. That was nice. He didn't get up at all. He even slept until about 6:45 this morning. Jay usually gets up at 6:30, so we were awake when Jude strolled into our room to tell us good morning. It was pretty cute considering I felt like a zombie.

Jude was sick with some sort of cootie this past weekend. A neighbor's daughter (not one of Alison's kids) is always sick and her mom NEVER warns us ahead of time. Instead, she lets her kid and Jude play all afternoon, then when it's time for them to go home she says something like, "well, we better go since G. has been running a fever." !!! So Jude was sick. He woke up feeling fine on Monday. Monday evening I was feeling terrible. Yesterday was just plain awful. I'm much better today, but could still use some recovery time. I would love a huge bowl of ice cream, but will settle for some cold water.

I had some questions in a comment box below.

Alison, we plan to set up the crib later. I didn't want Jude to think we took the crib away from him to give to the baby (even though that is what we're doing). We are thinking of setting up the new baby in the office. We'll have to move the desk to the back of the living room. We hate the thought of that, but it may be easier than making Jude share his room with a crying baby.

The baby will probably stay in our room in a small cradle for a while. The co-sleeping we did with Jude was not good for my relationship with Jay. It wasn't a lack of sex thing. Jay didn't sleep well, because he kept waking up thinking he was going to roll over onto the baby. When he wasn't waking up worried about it, he was dreaming that he was doing it. I was waking up all night because Jude is a noisy sleeper. He makes tons of noise and moves almost constantly. I also think it also made it more difficult when we finally put Jude in his own bed. He was used to snuggling a warm body, then had to get used to sleeping alone.

Trish, how did we get him trained so fast? Do you mean potty training? Around the time he turned one he seemed really interested in the toilet when we'd go, so I bought him his own chair. He liked it for a while, but then ignored it up until recently. One day several months ago he actually told me "poopies Mommy!" I stuck him on the pot. He sat there and did nothing but didn't want off. I started grunting and said poopies. He grunted and went! I know all the magazines tell you not to make your kid grunt because it will lead to hemorrhoids. Oh well. I did it and now he loves to use the toilet. He doesn't like to use the little one, just the adult-sized one.

One thing that seems to help is that I don't ask him if he needs to go. Maybe every hour I tell him it's time to go and we go. When he puts up a fuss I tell him I have to go and start to undo my pants. He hollers and says he has to go and goes. When we have to go somewhere I make him go before we leave and again when we get to our destination. It even worked at Toys r Us. In the car I said, "potty then play" several times. When we started walking to the store I asked him "what are we going to do?" He said, "potty then play." It worked.

He is too easy. I have a feeling the next kid is going to be a terror just because Jude is so easy.


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